BudgetSpeak #14: Ravi Rao: 10 Dreams that the Budget should see come true

09 Jul,2014

By Ravi Rao


Every Budget creates huge expectations and one reads and discusses all rosy dreams with great expectations. Here is my list of 10 dreams:


1. Streamline Income Tax, reduce it to 10% flat so no more tax consultants, archaic tax laws or tax refunds – ensure no one is exempt



2. Simplify central and state laws by removing federal taxation policy so one can pay once and not worry about concurrent or multiple taxations for business sectors. Ensure it is tracked and collected fully at one point


3. Why is it that most builders get away with their mistakes or even conscious violation of rules and in the end the buyer stands to strip naked – don’t expect us to know all rules


4. Everyone talks of the black money and I am yet to see one – abolish all CASH transactions over Rs 10,000 if you are really serious about helping the economy and the common man


5. Give us good roads to drive on or simply permit only 4WD. Mumbai is disgusting! Can we get a list of all contractors across India who have worked on at least one road so we can create a new website and put their colour pics out there with the money they supposedly spent on building roads!


6. With almost 70% + reservations for everything, why can’t reservation for women be done across all companies at 50%? Begin with the service industry at least


7. Create the third sex and be done with it – let all the silly moral policing politicos worry about the economy rather than tell people how to walk and dress.


8. Penalise all those who pollute… please see the Mithi river or even the nullahs of Mumbai – we have chemical rivers and rivers of plastic. When can you boldly set foot into the Juhu beach and not feel like getting into a watery ditch?


9. I have turned 50 hoping every year these dreams come true – somehow I keep dreaming.


10. We will be No 1, when 1 USD = I INR


Dream on!


Ravi Rao is Leader, South Asia, Mindshare


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