Amith Prabhu: The great PR place to work

07 Jul,2014

By Amith Prabhu


I’m no spokesperson for any PR firm as some may want to believe. I’m a big believer though that PR firms must practice what they preach. Several PR firms advise their clients to participate in the Great Place To Work (GPTW) Survey and get listed as one.


It was heartening to see that Edelman India was featured in the survey last year and MSL Group India was featured in the same this year. I wish an increasing number of PR firms participate in the same and do the right things to feature in that prestigious list. This column is about the three things that make a workplace great according to the survey organisers and you may add to this list.


Every firm can ensure they get these basics in place and thereafter all it takes is to apply to be a GPTW. I’m hoping there are at least three firms that feature in next year’s list. So what are the three things that a company needs to get right? The three that GPTW mentions on their website are –


a) Trust the people they work for

b) Have Pride in what they do; and

c) Enjoy the people they work with


Let’s analyse what goes into each of these three. I have had the fortune of being associated with both the firms that have made it to this list. With Edelman, having spent two years in their Chicago office and with MSL Group first as a client in 2009 and currently as a consultant on special projects.


There are many firms who do a lot of things right but then do not muster the courage to participate in this survey. They say people join companies but leave their managers or because of their managers. This most often happens because of the arrogance with which the leadership operates leading to mistrust and a disgruntled employee base.


Working on a set of blue chip clients enables professionals to not only learn more and do more but also take pride in what they do. A firm that has great brands as clients ends up doing great work. This in turn gets into the portfolio of employees as things accomplished.


Lastly, right hiring and managing attrition well leads to a good work atmosphere. If the environment we wok in sets a positive tone, it leads us to bring out the best in us. This in turn has the potential to create happy minds and hearts which all leads to a great work place.


I think building trust, instilling pride and making the experience of working enjoyable is not a difficult ask, it is neither easy. It needs consistent leadership, a great product or service that one can offer customers or clients and the right hiring of a good mix of people. PR firms can certainly get this formula right. Hope this becomes a trend and we see more PR firms in the list because then we can tell our clients more confidently how to be on that list as well.


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