Utterly butterly Fifa-licious!

30 Jun,2014

You know how much we love to tell various stories via Amul ads which have over the years been true chronicler of the times. Given the growing interest in the FIFA World Cup, there have been six ads already created for the ongoing championship in Brazil. But there have been some classics over the years, though we couldn’t locate our favourite on Paolo Rossi from 1982 (Pau lo Roz hi) on the Amul website. Enjoy


Uruguay striker uses his teeth! - June'14


Brazilian star excels!


Reign of Spain ends - June'14


Portugese player's aggro behaviour ! - June'14


Persie helps Netherlands thrash Spain!


FIFA fever begins...


And here are some classics:

Octopus Paul predicting the outcome of the World Cup Football final (2010)


On French Captain Zinedine Zidane shown red card sending him off for vicious head-butting Italian defender in the chest during the World Cup Football Final (2006)


On the Brazilian team's star football players (2002)


Football sensation Diego Maradona takes on the world by storm (1989)


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