Thoughtblurb unveils summer campaign for Baskin Robins

03 Jun,2014

By a correspondent


Baskin Robbins has unveiled ‘The Big Chill’ campaign that has been executed by their creative agency, thoughtblurb.


Commenting on the campaign, Vinod Kunj, Managing Partner, thoughtblurb, said, “While most ice cream brands tend to build campaigns around the summer season, our intention was to up the ante and get Baskin Robbins to ‘own the season’ with its premium quality ice creams. ‘The Big Chill’ campaign has done just that. Keeping the core attributes of the brand in mind, the creative rendition exudes a sense of fun, coolness and charm. We consciously used the settings of a chilled out holiday to capture the mood of the season.”


With a new focus and strategic roadmap in place, Baskin Robbins is looking at deepening its reach across the Indian market. Although the category has become more competitive with new international players joining the race in the last few years, Baskin Robbins legacy in the Indian market is an added advantage to the company.


Adding to the new rise of the brand, Sanjay Coutinho, CEO Graviss Foods, said, “The key focus is to re-energize the brand and re-build its appeal in the market. I strongly believe the brand has tremendous potential and all it needs is intelligent communication to drive the right messages to our target audience. With thoughtblurb as our creative partners, I share a strong sense of confidence in their capability to help our brand move to the next level. Summer is a critical time of the year and every player in the category looks at getting the maximum traction.”


Adding further he said, “The focus for us this year was a bit different. We aimed to complement the joy of summer by enabling our customers to enjoy the season with our wide range of flavors and products. I am glad the campaign has boosted our performance in the market. Baskin Robbins enjoys a very strong brand preference and we will continue the innovation funnel to offer newer products and offerings to our discerning consumers.”


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