Shekhar Gupta to join India Today as Vice Chairman and Editor-in-Chief

04 Jun,2014

By A Correspondent


It’s now official. Shekhar Gupta, who announced his exit from the Indian Express group with effect from June 15, returns to the India Today Group as Vice Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of all news, business publications and news TV, digital brands


Announcing the appointment today, ITG Chairman Aroon Purie said: “This is a homecoming for Shekhar. He joined India Today in 1983 and was here for 12 eventful years during which he was an outstanding journalist. Shekhar is by far the best reporters’ editor in Indian journalism today. Because of his fierce independence and integrity, he attracts and inspires the finest talent, and I look forward to him bringing an entire ecosystem of excellence on editorial as well as corporate platforms.”


Mr Gupta will also, in association with Mr Purie, launch a series of unique new editorial products that will showcase, 24 by 7, the finest in investigative reporting and interpretative commentary.


“At a personal level, our friendship has grown as we have bounced ideas off each other about the rapid changes in our business,” said Mr Purie. “So Shekhar’s return is a moment of deep satisfaction and vindication of my belief, our shared belief, in the power of good journalism to help make sense of the noise rather than to add to it. Shekhar has also promised to liberate me from day-to-day operations so that I can work to guide the Group into a future of great promise, growth and excitement.”


“It’s a privilege to have the opportunity,” said Mr Gupta, “to return to the India Today Group to work with Aroon and his fine teams and nurture the most trusted news brands. ITG, with its commitment to excellence and credibility, is best placed to meet the biggest challenge in our business today: to earn the trust and respect of our readers and viewers.”


Mr Gupta will report to Mnr Purie and will be responsible for the editorial quality of all news and business brands. He will work closely with Ashish Bagga, Group CEO, and enable him to effectively grow readership and viewership profitably.


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