Sanjeev Kotnala: Curious how things will be after #Kyoorius

16 Jun,2014

Sanjeev Kotnala

By Sanjeev Kotnala


On the 12th night when I entered the NSCI Stadium, I cannot be faulted for thinking that I have reached the wrong destination. But the miniature Black Elephant magnetically attached to my shirt and the big bold Kyoorius branding made me comfortable. The signs were there – expectations have been raised and the acid test was few minutes away. I was so floored by the whole ambience including minor but relevant thoughtful things – the centresquare bar (already operational at 7pm), the tall tables with the snacks placed under cellophane covers, a designated comfortable smoking area and a very informal scattered seating. There was definitely a style and class statement being made.


My first tweet of the evening was a tribute to the efforts placed by Rajesh Kejriwal and team  and my mistake in not really pushing the brand to associate. This was a business of Trust and Vision and I had come short on that.


“I can say, missing the opportunity to associate with #kyoorius awards the biggest mistake for the brand this year”. And I know here the sponsor has signed a long-term deal and the opportunity has really been lost.


Though the event started a bit later than it should have been, the whole event management made you forgive them on this count. The very short speech, adding to the very comfortable MC’s, who were neither loud nor crass was amplified.


The house announcement on ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ with Meru cabs available at the end of the function took few worries off people mind and added to the energy flowing. “What a thought, Make me drink with central bar open through the evening and then keep #MERU on call. Nice. #Kyoorius”


The awards were really well-synchronized with no glitches. It’s not their fault if people still do not know their right hand from their left, and in spite of politely announcing would sit at distant corners resulting in inordinate delays. Yes, initially I thought the ramp was a bit long, but then when the presentation AV started, all fell in place. More so, I believe the long walk on the ramp allowed the winners that extra nano movement of enhanced celebration.


Now, this award had already won a few battles. Starting as an outsider, the sponsors were in place, the intent and priorities of the organizers were absolutely right, the entries count was robust, the jury well constructed (maybe needed a bit more Indian touch) and with the Open Jury session (though cramped) won the war on being progressive, transparent and innovative. There were some scam ads, which were withdrawn further adding to the attractiveness. No doubt we had people who have shunned Goafest walk the ramp, with a smile and a fist rising through the air accept the award in all their humility. Seeing industry leaders at the event was a well-appreciated fact. The support that the award could garner was something not missed.  “Seeing people who refused entering Goafest collecting awards at #Kyoorius #Meetmerit places them (Awards) at a league above the rest”. This was summation of thoughts overheard at many conversations.


‘Now ball is on #abby #AAAi #ADCLUB court. #Kyoorius #meetmerit throws a challenge. Rejuvenate or Die’. Now that maybe too harsh a statement – but in many ways a reality. I have overhead a few people talking in these terms. Goafest 2015 would be a defining year. The hope has been extended – one can use that to climb, set out an agenda and create a new benchmark or could use the rope to…


“#Kyoorius awards. WTF Expression. Well done. Like it already. Set a benchmark’. Did we all not agree that competition is good.


And dear Rajesh, there are a few things that I thought I will discuss with you in person.


Sanjeev Kotnala is Head Catalyst, P1P2Solutions


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