Other agencies should’ve participated in the Abby: Colvyn Harris

02 Jun,2014


Colvyn Harris, CEO, JWT South Asia is delighted as his agency won the maximum number of metalsfrom among the entrants at the Creative Abby. This included a Grand Prix for Direct. Shobhana Nair caught up with him hours after the achievement.


Forty metals and the #1 agency in the Creative Abby at Goafest 2014. Your comments on this victory?

The team is extremely delighted. As South Asia we have won 41 metals (Contract Advertising included) of which we have won 6 Golds. It’s fabulous to win so many awards. We have won across many client categories including digital, direct and traditional.


What does winning so many awards including the Grand Prix mean for JWT?

Personally, we want to do the best for our clients and their brands. This happens to be a validation of the work we have done. We are delighted when we win for our clients. As far as the creative team is concerned, their winning is a validation that the work they do is better than what the industry does.


What’s your personal favourite from amongst the winning entries?

The Grand Prix winning is obviously a favourite. If you get recognition from peers through a fair jury process, why would you wish anything better?


What was the idea behind ‘Genomusic Project’ for Bay Beat Collection which won a Grand Prix in the Direct Response Digital Category?

The idea around this was that your DNA can be used to create a unique music track. It’s an end-to-an end platform. On Facebook, there is an app to express why you should be there. Somebody is sent across to take your DNA samples which will be blended in to the music. So it’s unique and never done before.


Back to the Creative Abby, did the fact that some top agencies not participating increase your chances?

The Olympic Games takes place despite countries not participating in them. In Cannes, some agencies participate and some don’t but the ones who win believe their work is good. Coming back to India, Goafest is a property by the industry, for the industry. It’s very easy to boycott an industry function. Do we want to do that? No. We want to support this institution thinking that it will do well. If some agencies choose not to enter for whatever reasons, it’s not political. This is a clean event as there’s a jury. People have done a good job and they should be recognized.


What would you say to all those agencies who decided to stay away?

I think they should have participated. The other awards show (Kyoorius Awards) has other agencies which doesn’t worry us. The right approach to this would have been to enter both the awards.


The Abby is an institution. We continue to enter this event by supporting it because it has been created by the industry. But it’s over now! We are happy and delighted.


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