LinkedIn hosts Finance Connect in India

12 Jun,2014

By a correspondent


LinkedIn India recently organized one of its marquee events, Finance Connect in India. The event allowed a selective group of marketing leaders from the financial sector to understand the growing impact of social media and content marketing on their business.


The clear objective of holding such an event was to reveal what are the latest trends on social media, what are the consumers in India seeking for and how does content marketing help brands in building a relationship with their customers? Though LinkedIn’s mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make the more productive and successful it envisions creating economic opportunity for every professional in the world. So if there were just about 1 million users globally in the year 2004, that figure has grown and has reached 300+million users in the year 2014 with 2 members getting added every second.


Some of the key takeaways from the event:

Three keys to success on social: Be accurate, Be helpful, Be every where


Four keys to build relationships:

1. Find your audience – geography, function, industry, seniority
2. Establish trust – meaningful content distribution, company updates, sponsored updates, trending content, content market score
3. Be personal – sponsored inmails, spotlight Ad
4. Extend the experience -custom APIs


Key tenets to building a content marketing relationship

1. Don’t just sell, add value
2. Ask them what they want to hear
3. Be Human
4. Tap into the power of story
5. Empower employees to contribute content
6. Compel your customers to spread the word


The event also saw the release of Audience 360º which focuses on helping businesses achieve a complete 360 degree understanding of the personal and professional choices of their audience, which includes their motivations and needs, how they interact with various products, as well as their brand perceptions.


The findings of this survey suggest that LinkedIn users in India comprises young educated professionals out of which 69 percent are under 35 years of age and 93 percent have received a university degree or higher. They are not only career focused but also have an international perspective and consider keeping up-to-date on modern technology as akey to their success.


A few interesting highlights from the survey are mentioned below –

  • In India, LinkedIn members largely represent the IT and Financial Services sectors, working at companies with 1000+ employees, more than 1 in 3 are at manager and level above.
  • LinkedIn is the most used social media site among its India members - 92 percent say LinkedIn is their primary social media platform and is considered the most influential portal for business and professional content.
  • It is also a platform of choice for financial content – more people come to LinkedIn for financial information than any other social media site. In addition to finance, technology alerts and new product information are amongst the most sought after content on LinkedIn.
  • 77 percent of LinkedIn users in India are currently following companies on LinkedIn, as they see it as a credible and trustworthy platform.
  • More than 83 percent of the surveyed members own a smartphone, while 44% of them own a tablet. More than 74 percent LinkedIn India users daily access internet through their mobile device. They intend on making big gadget purchases in the next year.


“The relationship-based LinkedIn ecosystem enables brands to develop an influential customer base. Our research highlights that 73 percent of our surveyed members trust the information received on LinkedIn more than any other online professional network. This provides an interesting opportunity for advertisers to effectively engage with their target audience through content marketing,” concluded Ashutosh Gupta, Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India.


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