Kyoorius should wake Abby up: Piyush Pandey (+intvu with Madhukar Kamath)

16 Jun,2014

Piyush Pandey

It was celebration time for Piyush Pandey and team at the Kyoorius Advertising and Digital Awards last Friday. His agency Ogilvy & Mather took home three Black Elephants – for The Good Road campaign in the Technological Innovation, :{to:) CleftToSmile in the Use of Social Media category and Google Reunion in the Online Branded Innovation Category. Ogilvy was also the most awarded agency at Kyoorius. Shobhana Nair spoke to Executive chairman and creative director (south Asia) of Ogilvy & Mather soon after the presentation of the awards



Very impressed by scale, grandeur and elegance: Madhukar Kamath


DDB Mudra was awarded a Black Elephant for The Last Telegram in the Direct Response Category at Kyoorius Advertising and Digital Awards. Shobhana Nair caught up with Madhukar Kamath, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, DDB Mudra who was seen crediting his entire team behind this success.



Your thoughts on winning a Black Elephant?

Being recognised for the breakthrough work that we did on The Last Telegram is extremely satisfying.  I wish the people who worked on The Last Telegram were here. I am going to thank Anil, Deepak, Andy, Mandeep, Sonal, Nitin. Very importantly, our client Ajay Kakar and his team were outstanding. We just went up with an idea to them and it was not an idea that was planned. It was an opportune moment. Andy and his team were totally outstanding in coming up with the idea and executing it. The entire execution strategy for The Last Telegram is phenomenal.

Your personal favourite from other agencies?

The Google reunion is completely outstanding. I particularly liked the work done by Grey on Duracell.


Content with winning just One Black Elephant?

It’s a good jury. I will accept whatever they have decided upon. Next time around we will make sure we have not just one piece of work getting recognized, but at least 3 or 4.


Your views on the award show by Kyoorius and team?

Let me be honest. I am very impressed with what we saw – in scale, grandeur and elegance. The entire award show has been exemplary. In fact, what they have done to this NSCI stadium is outstanding. I compliment Rajesh on not just putting this up but also putting up such an outstanding show.


won numerous awards in the past… how would you rate Kyoorius and why would winning here be important for you (and the others)?

Kyoorius is new but it’s fantastic. They have an association with D&AD that every creative person in the world respects. They’ve made an effort to understand what advertising in India is all about. They have matched world standards but giving a lot of importance to what matters to our audience. For me, that’s the most fantastic thing that has happened and I congratulate Kyoorius and D&AD for creating a level playing field in a very transparent fashion. I am very happy and I salute the organizers.


Obviously you are very proud of all the work that Ogilvy produces, but if you have to pick one favourite creative, which one would it be?

This is a very difficult question. All the work is the babies of my babies. I will not differentiate as they all are great pieces of work. I will not choose between them. I am proud of their work that youngsters are doing in the agency and I look forward to their work. But the rockstar work in my mind is Google Reunion.


And work from other agencies that you love?

I liked a lot of work from other agencies.  I missed Lowe. I don’t know whether they entered or not. But I have loved their work on Gundappa for Lifebuoy. I think it would have been a better place if some other good agencies were also a part of it.


Your thoughts on the show put up by team at Kyoorius and D&AD?

It’s amazing. They have done a stunning job. As a first-timer, they have created hope and if they continue doing this, they will probably be the best award show in Asia very soon. The Abby has done a good job in the past but has lost track and may be this award should wake ’em up.


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