@ Kyoorius awards tonight: drinks thru event, drivers will be served dinner, Merus fm 10.30pm onwards. And many awards

12 Jun,2014

By A Correspondent


It’s the lesser details and the D&AD backed jury process which will make the difference. A few months before the event, Kyoorius founder and CEO Rajesh Kejriwal and his team conducted an extensive research on what people love and loathe at ad and media awards events.


The result will be for us to see this evening at NSCI.  We asked people in the Kyoorius team and they promise the evening to be on an epic scale. It will be a format and scale that is different and probably the first in the industry in terms of the feel, ambience, the detailing on how guests would like to be kept occupied, the scale of the display area, etc.


According to the senior Kyoorius honcho we spoke to, some 1110 RSVPs have been received from industry and clients alike. The total gathering is expected to be in the region of 1350 including over 250 senior people from clients and probably the largest gathering of creatives from agencies this year.


Smaller details like having Meru Cabs organised for people from 10.30 onwards, to organising dinner for all the drivers of guests, to having an interactive smoking area, to having the bar inside the venue and drinks available through the three hours of show with eats floating around. The food menu has been specially created for the evening.


What we have also heard is that there will be no extended entertainment acts or panel discussion held as part of the awards do. No chief guests either. Just a quick presentation


As for the awards, well, they will be declared only at around 10pm. Winners have not been informed in advance.


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