Interface creates a new digital campaign for Oreo

12 Jun,2014

By A Correspondent


With the launch of Oreo Orange Crème, Oreo has attempted to create a new chapter in content creation. The digital driven IMC took off depicting how Oreo Cookie and Orange Crème are #OreoBesties, two flavors that blend together.


The entire campaign designed by Interface Communications reinforces the friendship between the two and narrates tales whilst engaging Oreo’s fan base with multiple activities.


The campaign was a fourfold activity that didn’t leave any #OreoBestie loose.The first activity tapped the biggest thing in vogue – the selfie. A spin off of this love for taking pictures, Oreo’s #BestieSelfie ran for three days where users were asked to share their wacky selfies. This activity saw a 387,352 reach on facebook and generated 243,833 impressions on twitter.


The second leg of the campaign was a #ShoutOut between #OreoBesties Cookie and Orange Crème, where one had to #ShoutOut something and the fans had to guess what the other would reply. The conversions were not limited between the #OreoBesties Cookie and Orange Crème, but also pulled in its users to complete the conversation between the two.


Thus, #BestieBond was the most spoken about activity for two long days. The users flourished with entries talking about what made their bond with their bestie unique. Oreo created live #OreoBesties in the most visually appealing way.


A restaurant brand also jumped in the bandwagon by tweeting with #BestieBond. Oreo India showered customized love on them too. The grand culmination received a warm response with a total of 207 personalised posts created live by Oreo India, 6.9 million impressions and 541 per cent increase in Facebook PTAT.


Robby Mathew

Robby Mathew, NCD, Interface Communications added, “There’s nothing better than users getting involved in driving brand content . . . that’s what Oreo has successfully done time and again. And now with #BestieBond Live, it has taken engagement to a whole new level.”


YouTube being another platform, the launch TVC grabbed 201,995 eye balls (Read: views). Going beyond social media, the #OreoBesties also reached the online audience via display banners:


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