Eikona samples football popularity before World Cup

16 Jun,2014

A week before the launch of any product, film, or event is extremely crucial. The pre-buzz prior to the launch created with multiple touch points across editorial, advertising, teasers / promos not only build up curiosity but also pulls the target audience to sample it, at least once. More so, for a massive global sporting event like FIFA, the communication has to get through boundaries of Age, Gender and SEC (Socio Economical Classification), Geography etc.


Effectively, FIFA is not a very new phenomenon to India. The roaring success in FIFA 2006 has played a key role in repositioning Soccer as one of the most preferred sporting events among the Indian TV audiences. What made FIFA 2006 bridge with the Indian TV audiences? Amongst many, buzz creation was one of cornerstones towards making FIFA 2006 a success story. Within the construct of FIFA 2006 buzz, PR played a key role in influencing and pushing Indian audiences to take interest, watch and re-watch FIFA telecast.


Eikona, the PR Audit division of TAM, did a curtain raiser on the PR buzz created by the FIFA custodians during the week prior to the opening day in the Print media in comparison with India – West Indies Cricket Series. According to the findings, soccer received an amazing 3 times higher editorial coverage than cricket during the 6 days ending on the first day of FIFA 2006 – June 9, 2006. Front page, sports sections, special supplements etc. FIFA was everywhere in practically every newspaper. Needless to say, these play a vital role in diverting eyeballs towards the channel and the game.


Having proved the media hype created around soccer, if one were to analyze the day by day build up, one notices that June 9th, the first day of FIFA 2006 received the highest editorial coverage touching 54,000 CCMs as compared to cricket with a mere 7,000 CCMs – a huge 8 times higher.


Across the six metros (Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad), Mumbai newspapers generated the highest editorial volumes focusing on Soccer/FIFA touching close to 48,000 CCMs. Incidentally, cricket too received the highest volumes in Mumbai, only at one third that of soccer. Infact, across the 6 metros, soccer on an average received 3-4 times higher editorial space than cricket.


It furthernites that across the six metros, at a language level, while English newspapers contributed 140,000 CCMs of editorial space to soccer, cricket received a mere 41,000CCMs. Soccer crazy Bengali papers allotted 11,000 CCMs to Soccer while cricket simple received 800CCMs.


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