Content testing tool Ormax Xpressive launched

25 Jun,2014

By a correspondent


Ormax Media has announced the launch of Ormax Xpressive, an automated facial coding based content testing tool. The product is powered by Europe-based RealEyes, a global thought leader in facial coding services.


Ormax Xpressive can be used by media companies, such as TV channels, film studios, content producers and media agencies, to test video content ranging from 10 seconds to one hour in duration. Ormax Media have already tested 11 videos using the tool, even before its formal launch slated for this week.


Speaking about Ormax Xpressive, Shailesh Kapoor, CEO – Ormax Media, said: “Facial coding based testing captures the consumers’ actual behavioural response to the content being tested, instead of relying on them answering a set of questions. The product is based on the premise that for any content to work, it needs to emotionally engage with its target audience. Decoding facial expressions into emotions enables us to measure which specific emotions were triggered off by the content, at a second-by-second level. We are extremely proud to bring this technology to India, in association with RealEyes.”


Alex Slater, Commercial Director, RealEyes, added: “Every day we’re bombarded with thousands of marketing messages. But to achieve any sort of cut-through, you’ve got to move people.  If 80% of behaviour is determined by the subconscious, why is it that 90% of research seeks to mine the conscious, rational brain? The face doesn’t lie. Facial movements are spontaneous and subconscious.  This type of emotional intelligence is richer and more pure, and it makes little demand on the audience during the test.”


The emotions tracked by the product include happiness, surprise, confusion, sadness, disgust and scare. Data can be analysed by age, gender, markets, SECs and other relevant consumer variables. The only equipment required to participate in a test is a webcam-enabled computer. The test can be conducted at the respondent’s home or at a central location.

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