Cadbury’s new TVC attempts to find ‘Joy in Snow’

26 Jun,2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk has been a part of the Indian collective consciousness for many years. In the years together, the brand and the consumer have both grown and evolved. Their relationship with each other has grown to a new level - in terms of fondness and intimacy. It is around such times that the brand can start talking beyond its functional, social or culturally contextualized role. Cadbury Dairy Milk has reached such a stage in its lifecycle with respect to the Indian audience, that it can be more nuanced in its communication and afford to get more personal with its audience.


In this case the brand has chosen to make the consumer aware of the fact that life lies in the now; that joy resides in the act of letting go, and that one should live like no one’s watching. The new campaign, devised by Ogilvy & Mather India urges the consumer to live from the heart, and in essence, free the joy that is deep within all of us. The commercial is meant to dramatize the benefits of letting go and being your true self.


The TV commercial shows a couple in a beautiful location on snowy mountains; despite the location being breath-taking in its beauty, the husband is almost insensitive to his surroundings and chooses to answer e-mails. The woman who is more in touch with her childlike inner self, provokes a snow fight with the man; the outcome of the fight is nothing short of pure joy. The film does an amazing job in illustrating how a little nudge in the right direction can actually help bring so much joy in one’s life and or open one’s life to pure joy.


In the future, the brand aspires to be associated with ‘Joy’ in terms of philosophy as well as a product deliverable. Every move the brand makes will make movements in this direction. The good thing about this approach is that the brand already stands for the values it’s chosen to propagate.


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