‘Brilliant show, but media wrote about absence of agencies at Goafest, not Kyoorius’

13 Jun,2014

It was a big thumbs up for the Kyoorius Advertising and Digital Awards held on Thursday evening in Mumbai. Clearly, the first edition of the D&AD-backed awards got other similar shows in India to do a quick rethink. Shobhana Nair spoke to a few members of the frat to get their view.


Abhijit Avasthi National Creative Director, Ogilvy India:

 This is very thrilling and they did well in the first edition. This is an awards show which people will look up to because of the nature of the show, the composition of the jury, the structure, the fairness, the neutrality at which this is done. This is truly world class act and makes me feel proud to be a part of the advertising industry.




Shantanu Bhanja, Business Head and Vice President -Marketing, HT Media:

I love the fact that it was done with so much precision, finesse and execution. We saw real passion during the entire show. And that’s how the award show must be done. This made us feel good about supporting it. It sets a standard in India on how ad awards should be executed and how well they can be put together flawlessly.



Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow:

It’s ecstatic, brilliant, mind-blowing and better than Cannes. Hats off to Rajesh for single-minded thinking and organizing this. I have not seen something like this in 14 years whether in Cannes or anywhere. This inspires everyone.




Anil Jayaraj, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries:

The scale is impressive but even more than that the authenticity of the awards is important. Kyoorius has got a great formula and if they get that well, then this is going to be the awards in the future. I would not like to compare but this was very enjoyable. I think the audience had fun, winners had a real sense of achievement and the show was very glamorous.



Arvind Sharma, President, Advertising Agencies Association of India and Former Chairman and CEO India Subcontinent at Leo Burnett:

It was well-organized and it is a very good initiative. D&AD has its expertise in visual communication and which is what these awards are about. I think there’s place for these awards in the bigger scheme of things. Advertising as a business is becoming more diverse and there will be role for awards show that recognizes different parts of advertising. This is going to be one that recognizes visual communication. But there is and there will be only one festival because it takes a lot of time, effort and energy to organize a three-day festival with 2000 people coming to a place like Goa. All of them are going to exist to serve their purpose well. Organizing an evening and organizing a festival for three consecutive days and nights are two different things. This is a good show and I wish this becomes a long term property in India.


Srinivasan Swamy, CMD, RK Swamy and Hansa. Also, President, IAA India and Chairman, Goafest 2014 :

At the end of the day, we have to celebrate whenever good things are done. Rajesh is a good friend of mine and has done a good job. But when I reflect on the criticism on Goafest, every media talked about the number of agencies not participating in Goafest and created a fuss about it. But nobody questions the number of agencies missing in Kyoorius. To my mind, it’s unfair. It’s a wonderful show and I celebrate every moment of it. I am not questioning the quality of this show. What would have made me happier is to see the work that’s winning the award. It’s not a long evening and so it would have been easy to incorporate some more time to show the work that’s winning. I feel that was lacking.


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