WeChat uses humour to attract user attention

28 May,2014

By a correspondent


App enabler WeChat has unveiled a series of campaigns under the #StartHere handle. The idea was to communicate and position WeChat as the starting point of all conversations and interactions.


Created by Publicis, the challenge facing WeChat was to stimulate active usage of the app post download. Though the idea of sending voice messages had caught the people’s fancy, the usage tended to dip post download as people reverted to default behaviour of Whatsapp. WeChat therefore, needed to position itself as an innovative, fun and great to use application.


As people, especially youngsters increasingly access the internet through their mobile phones, they began to be more selective with communicating and sharing. Sharing was about keeping in touch with the ‘gang’ or friends constantly – sharing their lives in pictures, song, voice or words with each other in real-time. Technology only enables and empowers the youth tospontaneously and seamlessly keep in touch in the real and virtual space.


WeChat decided to tap into this need for constant contact and the sense of empowerment at being able to do so in new and engaging ways. To engage with the audience more effectively four new features needed to be advertised; radar – for easily adding people within close range, real time location sharing and tracking, video calling and favourite – to store your favourite pics, music, videos in the cloud.


To get the message across the agency decided to make the conversation fun and engaging. They decided to tap into its observations of the ‘urban villager’ and thus was born the Jaat Guy and his beloved buffalo Katrina.


The Jaat Guy is one who wants to embrace the world and connect with new people, but he will do it on his own terms, and in his own inimitable style. He is a symbolic embodiment of many young Indians who live and breathe through their smartphones – very proud of their roots and, at the same time, open to all the opportunities that our hyper-connected world has to offer.


The team behind the campaign include Bobby Pawar, CCO; Joy Mohanty, ECD; HemantMisra, Annirudh Deb, Proteek Dey – Account Management; and production house Boot Polish.


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