Sony SIX urges fans to ‘Live the Magic’

22 May,2014

By a correspondent


Sony SIX has announced its new marketing campaign for 2014 FIFA World Cupâ„¢ called ‘Live the Magic’. The marketing campaign sees the star studded support of John Abraham in a whole new football avatar encouraging viewers to join in the party to catch the ultimate footballing extravaganza on SIX. The inspiration of the campaign has been drawn from the global obsession of viewers assembling to catch the most anticipated international tournament in the world of football. The term ‘Live the Magic’ was coined to ignite the fervour and the passion for football fanatics, as well as to call out to non-sport enthusiast to join the party.


The campaign is shot with the idea of replicating the carnival atmosphere surrounding Brazil. The opening scene shows John Abraham donning the avatar of Brazil’s beloved and sensational strikerNeymar Jr. exiting onto the town street. He is joined by fellow town football fans donning the avatar of Portugal’s superstar- Cristiano Ronaldo, Argentina’s footballing Maestro – Messi and France’s lightning bolt – Ribery. The film takes on from here where the characters mosey through town and arejoined by their entourage and ensemble of sports fans replicating the feel of the Brazil’s trademark carnival parade. Showcasing colours from several popular international teams, the film emits a grandeur experience signifying an important message on how viewers come together to celebrate and watch the sport of football. The commercial exudes Brazil in its beach, narrow streets, music and carnival-like atmosphere.


This intent of the campaign emanates from the channel’s endeavour to capture sports enthusiasts and urge non-sports viewers to come together and enjoy the international football extravaganza. Further the campaign aligns itself to the channels continued commitment of bringing in high quality sports content for viewers across the nation.



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