SMEs deliberate on role of digital in brand building

12 May,2014

By a correspondent


CMOs at the 10th Marketing Conclave organized by the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), were united in their opinion that digital world is on the cusp of finally becoming the leaders in brand building. They concurred that brands are becoming social and digital in attitude as well as in using the media and all this has meant that brands have to use different tools and give up on the tenets that they hold dear.


Addressing a session “Transformation in the digital age”, Priya Jayaraman,Co-founder and Business Director- Propaganda India said, “Digital medium has become the new way of doing business. SMEs are leveraging business through digital medium most. Today digital medium has changed the way business is done, it has changed the playing field”.


The session saw marketing heads discuss about how brands are and should be transforming in growing digital age. “Sometimes we do not have control over digital medium. Now digital marketing has become the world of data. It has become the way of life not just the medium. The main focus for any digital marketer should be to make consumer aware that we are accessible,” added Rameet Arora, Director Marketing and PR, McDonalds.


The first session had panelists discussing about the brand presence on the digital platform. According to them, the digital platform is a double-edgeds word. On one hand it can do wonders to the business while on the other it can scar the brand. The digital platform, most of them concurred, should be used to as a valuable interface instead of flooding the customer with information.


Speaking at the session “Creating digital first strategies”, Namrita Sehgal,Director – Internet Marketing, Taj Group, opined, “The digital platform has provided an interface for product improvisation. Today, we are taking in to consideration what customer wants in a more effective way and digital marketing helps us to connect directly with the customer. Thanks to this interactive platform, we are able to convince the board on improvisation.”


K T Poovanna, Head- Marketing, Vodafone Solutions- Emerging Markets,Vodafone Group observed, “Customers should realize that social media is not the place to lodge complaints. For that, there is dedicated customer care services.Digital platform is more for interactive interface on what the customer is looking for and how we can improvise our products.”


Stressing on the importance of digital medium, Mahesh Murthy, Founder -Pinstorm said, “It is imperative for brands to create a product and services before they use the digital platform. Social media should not be used to promote a product or a brand unless the product is ready and customer service excellent.”


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