Simon says, play it Simple

02 May,2014

By A Correspondent



Creative specialist Vinod Kunj and brand psychiatrist Gaurav Bahirvani have launched a branding practice firm named Simple Simon. The duo believes that too many people with too many theories have managed to create a complex aura around the concepts of brand and strategy. Hence, the idea of Simple Simon was born with one key intent – to hit the market with a ‘Simple Stick’.


Commenting on the launch, Gaurav Bahirvani, CEO of Simple Simon said, “Every business, regardless of their size, reach or stature, deserves to benefit from a sound brand strategy. But the reality is that good branding strategists in their race for big-ticket assignments often leave out smaller businesses from their radar. In our experience, given the right guidance (minus branding’s oppressive jargons), these small businesses have showcased tremendous potential and accelerated their pace of growth. Simple Simon is not just another brand practice in the crowd. We are here to demystify the concept of brand building by simplifying its tone, texture and tenacity for every business that has an ambition.”


It is well known that small and medium sized businesses in India contribute largely to the nation’s employment and its economic stature. While it forms the biggest layer of the enterprise pyramid, it receives the least attention from sound intelligence available in our country.


Explaining the ideology further, Vinod Kunj, Executive Chairman, Simple Simon, mentioned, “Our aim is to democratize the art of brand building. We would like to approach enterprises that have the intent and spirit to grow, but do not have access to the right kind and quality of intelligence. It’s generally perceived that typical brand consulting outfits demand undying allegiance, bark suggestions and try to instill the fear of the devil among clients. While the larger players may still find a way to get their head around it; smaller businesses on the other hand get extremely intimidated. It’s this fear of missing out despite their dedication and ambition that we plan to help them overcome with Simple Simon.”


The firm will be spread across offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Kochi, backed by a team of 20 people.


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