RAPP India’s McDElections campaign initiative scores big

21 May,2014

By A Correspondent


McDonalds and RAPP India have recently launched the #McDElections campaign for the launch of two premium burgers – the Grilled Chicken Royale and the McPaneer Royale, in their menu.


Phase 1 of the campaign kicked off with all the McDonalds foods seemingly electing the leader amongst their candidates. The cast included a number of participating candidate burgers each with an interesting personification and McDonalds foods that play their supporters. With the just to be launched Royale Burger duo threatening to sweep the polls.


Facebook posts and banners set up the context of the McDElections with the candidates and their supporter foods all campaigning for victory.


But the inevitable happens, and the Royale Burger Duo wins the McDElections and forms the McDSenate.


Venkat Mallik, President RAPP India said, “The McDElections campaign has provided us with a fantastic platform that helps us set up the food value of current and new Royale Burgers from McDonalds mixed in with the spice that the election brings in. The wide cast of characters with seven candidates and many supporters has helped us build a property which can potentially go on for a really long time ahead. The campaign lends itself extremely well to all parts of the digital landscape and we have used Facebook, Viral Videos, Youtube, a Microsite, Twitter and Banners.”


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