Ranjona Banerji: The winner is Narendra Modi, but for election results coverage: Arnab Goswami

16 May,2014

By Ranjona Banerji


And the winner is… yes, yes I know the winner is Narendra Modi but as far as election results coverage is concerned, it has to be Arnab Goswami! No really. There was drama, there was excitement, there was a studio audience which participated… like a well-rehearsed play they all gasped and groaned at the same time. Goswami had his pithy insights – the Congress is a “pocket borough” party, it is stuck in the “cocoon of delusion”. This was full-fledged watchability.


Rajya Sabha TV, my usual fallback at times like this, was sober and rational. The guests were sober and rational. The only excitement came early in the day when the BJP’s Tarun Vijay took exception to journalist Jyoti Malhotra talking about how some media houses had supported Modi’s campaign. Vijay, a journalist of some sort himself, took exception to this and said it was unfair to say that sweet cuddly journalists could be bought by anybody. However, it soon turned out that Vijay’s love only went as far as pro-BJP journalists and did not extend to all of them. The rest were, er, “news traders”. Jyoti Malhotra and Vinod Sharma of Hindustan Times objected and we were almost in the Times Now studio…


Of course not. Times Now is in another category.


But first, we visit NDTV because Prannoy Roy is India’s first election analyst darling. Boring, I would say. Blah blah blah  they went, we were right, you were right, weren’t we right. No actually, only that Chanakya chap was right it seems.


CNN-IBN had a formidable line up, including Ramachandra Guha and P Sainath. But it was not exciting.


Rahul Kanwal and Rahul Shivshankar (yes, they are two different people) on Headlines Today and NewsX did their imitation Arnab Goswami acts but really, what’s the point.


The nation wants to know what the nation wants to know: who’s next on the menu for Times Now?


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