IAA issues The Beijing Declaration

12 May,2014

By a correspondent


At the conclusion of the 43rd IAA World Congress last week, the International Advertising Association and China Advertising Association issued The Beijing Declaration. The Beijing Declaration was signed on May 10th 2014 by Mr Faris Abouhamad, IAA Chairman and World President on behalf of the International Advertising Association and Mr Li Dongsheng, CAA President on behalf of China Advertising Association.


Faris Abouhamad, IAA World Chairman and President stated, “This represents a fitting conclusion to the 43rd IAA World Congress and reflects the long established and special relationship our association has with both the government and advertising industry in China. Together, we have and will continue to work, for the principles and goals of the Beijing Declaration, which we are very proud to co-author with the China Advertising Association”.


The Beijing Declaration

The international advertising industry in the Digital Age


This is Beijing. This is the Beijing of May 10th 2014. We, there presentatives of the millions of professionals of the global advertising and communications industries worldwide, are gathering here, witnessing the convening of the 43rd International Advertising Association World Congress. A declaration is hereby stated for promoting the common development of our global industry and sharing innovations and ideas.


This is an era full of challenges, and this is an era of learning

The advertising industry is undergoing a profound transformation. New knowledge and the experience of individuals is transforming information and obligations to a shareable society. The structures of real economies and traditional cultural patterns are being changed. Such change has brought tremendous impacts on business models, knowledge structures and professional standards of the advertising industry. All these changes are a reality that must be faced. Survival has always belonged to the fittest, and progress the inheritance of innovators. The future of the advertising industry depends on our adaptability and speed of learning. It is meeting the challenges and learning ability for all that will determine the future of advertising. People who are good at tackling challenges will also be keen on learning because we believe in the power of learning and studying.


This is an era of imagination, and this is an era of creativity.

It is mankind’s imagination towards the unknown world which enables us to achieve the revolution of everything. Imagination is the personality characteristic of innovators, and a unique power that cannot be replaced by techniques or tools. Imagination is an important guarantee of the depth of an advertiser’s creativity. It is an important element of cultural innovation. It is also an important symbol of the vitality of advertising.


Imagination and creativity can determine the value of advertising.People who have strong imaginations will also be keen on creativity because we must all believe in the power of creativity.


This is an era to encourage sharing, and this is an era of creating insights.

Connectivity and mobility are creating new driving forces of value and promoting the evolution of relationships between brands and consumers. How can we empower brands and create more opportunities for new-born brands in the emerging world?We must cultivate deep insights.


Insights into cultural trends and sensitivities. Insights into the public psychology and consumer demands. All these have become crucial. Real sharing and insights determine the depth of advertising. Ad men who are good at sharing will deepen their insights, as we all believe in their power.


This is an era of highlighting ideas and pursuing actions as well.

We believe that advertising in the future will be more accurate, quick and efficient.

“Digital” will not be simply a branch of marketing communication any more. It is turning itself to be the core of marketing action and media solutions. Mean while it is balancing all the allocated resources to build a path between the physical world and the digital world. We need to communicate effectively from all perspectives and link ourselves to the real world with the best user experiences, creating a digital culture grounded in real life.


It is idea and action that determines the future of advertising. People who are good at idea-generation will also be keen on decision-taking because we believe in the power of action.


1. We must become and remain the protectors for the ecological environment, and the promoters of true sustainable consumption and social responsibility. Protecting and harmonizing sustainability and social responsibility are the occupational responsibilities of the advertising industry. Through our efforts, we will promote the development of authentic green brands and advocate ideologies of responsible communication in the public service.


2. We are always the friends of the youth of the world. Through creating more opportunities of training, communication and competition, we will continuously provide help in enhancing the professional competence of young practitioners from the developing countries and regions worldwide.


3. We will always insist on the concept of common development. Through cooperation, we will be able to tackle the challenges of the future, and to share culture, professionals and creativities with each other.


On our way to the future, we will walk together hand in hand, improving our own knowledge and experiences, creating more remarkable lifestyles and culture for the whole world and turning our rich imagination into marvelous reality.We will always promote and protect an honorable and responsible advertising industry.


Innovation never ends and evolution always inspires. Today, together in Beijing, we would like to send our best wishes to the world.


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