DDB Mudra urges men to teat hair loss via Livon Hair Gain

20 May,2014

By A Correspondent


DDB Mudra has unveiled a new campaign for hair brand Livon Hair Gain. The campaign endeavors to shake the hair loss sufferer from his inaction to start taking care of his hair loss problem.


Hair loss affects a man not just as an ailment, but at an emotional level too. The market is replete with solutions ranging from quacks to extreme drastic measures such as clinical treatments and transplants. Livon Hair Gain is a scientific solution that has been internationally researched and clinically tested. It works to arrest hair loss in 90 days.


The new film named ‘Sands of Time’ builds on the key consumer motivation that “Hair once doesn’t come back. I desperately want to hold onto all the hair that is left on my head”. It uses the metaphor of sand slipping through the fingers to accentuate the helplessness this consumer faces with regard to his hair loss problem.


The film uses Rahul Bose as a celebrity who is encouraging consumers to learn from his mistake and take action about their falling hair before it’s too late. His urging to act in time and prevent hair loss is likely to make a consumer take note and act on their problem in time.


Sambit Mohanty

The campaign has been visualized by the team at DDB-Mudra. According to Sambit Mohanty, Creative Head (North) at DDB Mudra, “Falling hair is irretrievable; once you lose a strand, it’s gone forever. And that sparked off the idea of using sand slipping through fingers to make the point that Livon Hair Gain is proven to stop hair loss. Rahul Bose is known for espousing genuine causes… and he was the perfect celebrity to make the point about using Livon Hair Gain before it is too late.”



Radhika Das

Said Radhika Das, Senior Vice President, DDB Mudra Group, Delhi, “With Rahul Bose as the brand endorser, our attempt with this communication is to send out a simple yet compelling message that stems from a deep consumer insight. We hope it makes as many people sit up and take timely action than be in denial and suffer.”


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