Bigger deal to win a Grand Prix in Goa than Cannes: Prasanna Sankey, Alok Nanda Company

31 May,2014

Low profile agency, but highly visible work, the 12-year-old Alok Nanda Company won the Grand Prix for Design on Day 2 of Goafest 2014. It was awarded to them for their Environment Design ‘The Rising’ for India Bulls Group. It also won 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze on the day. Shobhana Nair spoke to Prasanna Sankey, CCO, Alok Nanda Company on what winning a Grand Prix means to him and ANC.


Your thoughts on the wins, especially the Grand Prix?

I didn’t see this coming through simply because what we did was so new and different. It was first accepted by the clients and the advertising industry. I didn’t know it would happen and that’s why we are thrilled that we tried something new and the industry has accepted it.


What kept you going as you said it was a new concept?

At our agency, we have put in a lot of passion and hard work into seeing an idea through to its final stages. That’s what has paid off. It doesn’t only matter that you have good ideas. It matters how you treat it like your own baby and see it till the end.


Tell us, what does winning the Grand Prix at Goafest mean to an agency which has received many accolades?

I think it’s a bigger deal to win a Grand Prix in Goa than in Cannes because it is your own industry and your own country which has recognized what they have done.


And would you attribute any factors that led to this recognition?

I think the most important thing of any award season is that you do good work but you have to have a team of young, motivated people around you. They get ideas and produce it really well. There has to be morale of the agency and they should feel like coming to work every day and create something new.


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