Amith Prabhu: What’s new that PR folks can offer clients?

05 May,2014

By Amith Prabhu


Time and again I get asked about my stint in the US. I have now volunteered to offer to meet young grads on and off campus periodically to share my experiences so that new perspectives are brought into the way we approach the profession in this part of the world. For those who may not be part of the groups I interact with, here are some thought starters!


I wrote about it in one of my initial columns, while abroad – – but now that I am back in India and have visited over 10 offices of various PR firms for sundry meetings and have been talking to friends in the business I realize we need to take our offering to the next level. The key is to help clients to move out from the media relations space to new zones of content, CSR, conferences and consumer outreach. Yes! None of these have been traditionally the forte of PR firms but it is time to change the game.


I am going to touch upon each of these briefly so you can go to clients with new ideas in these spaces. Content has always been king but with the advent of social media, good and relevant content that is easy to grasp is key. Press releases are passé as people take brand news with a pinch of salt as the bluff on paid news has been called.


CSR is the next big thing clients are increasingly latching onto. Not just because it is a good thing to do but because it is now mandated by law. Clients are looking for great ideas to help causes, support the community and create a niche that they can talk about and inspire their customers and staff with. CSR is also a great way to engage employees.


Conferences are being churned out by event managers by the truckload. How many of these are credible? How does one pick out those that are worth partnering with? A smart PR campaign will include some interesting events to innovatively partner with and this is not just about speaking or sponsoring but more. Figuring out what is more is critical to adding value.


Lastly, nothing stops the PR firm to go to a client with an idea that can be executed without mainstream media.  In today’s age of digital all one needs is a thorough understanding of the challenge and ways to address it. So there you are four ways beyond media to make an impact and more importantly to make PR count.


Amith Prabhu is the co founder of PRAXIS and is currently building a firm exclusively to support the communication needs of Members of Parliament.


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