Zippo unveils global integrated campaign to reach out to its TG

04 Apr,2014

By a correspondent


Iconic American windproof lighter manufacturer, Zippo has rolled out a global integrated campaign designed to reach its target audience in a unique and compelling way. Leveraging the insight that consumers turn to social media channels such as Twitter to complain about the loss of their Zippo lighter, the campaign will enable the Zippo brand to respond to these consumers and allow them to #ShareThePain, encouraging a personal dialogue with fans.


The #ShareThePain campaign is fronted by a Zippo character, Jax ‘No Pain’ McFlame, the toughest guy in the world. He is so tough he feels no physical pain, but when it comes to losing a Zippo lighter, the pain breaks him. Jax and the campaign is introduced to consumers via a hilarious short film seeded out across key video sharing sites targeting Zippo’s 18 to 24 year old audience. This is supported by traditional media relations, blogger and influencer outreach, and further social media support.


Jax will be on hand throughout the campaign on Twitter to commiserate with all consumers and influencers who post about their lost Zippo lighters, providing personalized responses and words of wisdom to help consumers through this tough time. The entire campaign is crafted with humour at the heart of it, purposefully over-dramatizing the “unbearable” pain consumers feel when they lose their Zippo lighters.


The campaign crescendo, a few weeks into the campaign, will see an interesting twist in Jax’s dialogue with consumers. An exciting campaign element, set to ignite further engagement and conversation across social media channels amongst the target audience.


All phases of the campaign will be supported by traditional PR activity and the utilization of Zippo’s social media channels including Twitter, Weibo, Facebook, YouTube, Tudou, Instagram and Pinterest where we will feature content from Jax McFlame and also consumer generated content. The #ShareThePain campaign will be activated in nine markets including UK, USA, Germany, France, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea, where Jax will be multilingual and responding to consumers in all of these languages.


David Warfel, global marketing director Zippo said: “#ShareThePain will be one of Zippo’s first truly integrated global marketing campaigns to engage Zippo’s target audience. A Zippo lighter is considered by many owners to be a precious and sentimental personal belonging, and it is little wonder so many feel devastated if they lose one.


“Until now, there has been no support group for those who have lost a Zippo lighter, but this is all about to change. We have launched the Share the Pain campaign so that our global community can come together in solidarity and mourn their losses. We’re always trying to be innovative in what we do with our marketing and digital experiences and through this campaign we hope it really connects with consumers all around the world.”


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