Vote karo, Vote kara, Vote maadi!

17 Apr,2014


It’s the biggest Voting Day in General Elections 2014. As many as 121 constituencies go out to vote in the fifth of the nine-phase Lok Sabhha election.


Delhi and the region (Gurgaon and Noida) have voted and Mumbai is next week (April 24), but some key cities are voting today: Bengaluru and Pune, for instance.


It’s a holiday in most offices in places where there’s polling. In fact it’s mandatory to be shut, except of course in those set-ups where it’s vital for staff to come in (like newsmedia offices, for instance). But even there, employees need to be given adequate time to be able to go out and vote.


By the time you read this, a good time of the voting day would’ve elapsed. So if you haven’t gone out and voted, please do so now. Puhleez!


Do whatever, but vote you must. We keep cribbing about how the country is going to the dogs. Inefficiencies, corruption, awful law and order,,,   Participating in the polling process is a good way to show the finger to a leader you don’t trust and help elect someone you think can make a difference to your life as well as that of the rest of the country.


Enough gyaan. Please do go out and cast your vote. Also, if you meet someone who is feeling too lazy to do that, persuade him or her.


As they say in Kannada: Vote Maadi. Or in Marathi: Vote Kara! Vote Karo… Vote you Must!


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