Reviewing the Reviews: 1.5 to 3 star ratings for Main Tera Hero

07 Apr,2014

Main Tera Hero


Directed by: David Dhawan


Starring: Varun Dhawan, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Nargis Fakhri, Ileana


By Deepa Gahlot


David Dhawan had never been the critics’ favourite, and Govinda even less so. But come Main Tera Hero with Varun Dhawan doing a Govinda, and everyone started feeling nostalgic for vintage Dhawan.


Main Tera Hero is as nonsensical as any Dhawan film, and how a viewer responds to it depends entirely on what is expected from the film. If expectations are kept low, then the film doesn’t disappoint too much. It got one 1.5 to 3 star ratings, but most hovered at 2.5.


Shubha Shetty Saha of did-day paid a tribute to Govinda. “Dhawan tries to recreate the tried-and-tested formula with ‘Main Tera Hero’, although with one difference: Varun Dhawan replaces Govinda. But Dhawan plays it extra-safe by making Varun clone all of Govinda’s mannerisms, his special dialogue delivery and also his tight white trousers look. One doesn’t really mind the “inspired” performance, considering that Govinda deserves the tribute, but the whole exercise only makes you miss Govinda even more.”


Nandini Ramnath of Mint expressed the same thing in different words: “In which David Dhawan makes his son Varun Dhawan, in only his second movie, work very, very hard-the young man fights, dances, sings, romances, kisses, schemes his way out of jams, dives into pools and trouble, dives onto beds and out of trouble, has two-way conversations with idols of various faiths, shows off his shaven and ribbed chest, delivers punch dialogue, pays tribute to Govinda and tries to do a Salman Khan.”


Aniruddha Guha of Time Out commented: “Varun Dhawan is probably the reason this film got made in the first place and while he is no actor (yet), he seems to enjoy what he does and that translates well on screen. Breezy at best and hilarious in parts, Main Tera Hero is a trip down memory lane, where the original king of comedy – I mean David Dhawan here – regains some of his touch. Let’s go the whole hog next time, Mr Dhawan.”


Shubhra Gupta of Indian Express wrote, “Main Tera Hero’ is not as ghastly as a few recent Dhawans have been, but only because it takes itself not at all seriously, and becomes as silly as it should be for some of the second half . The rest of it has its share of the usual unsightly and tasteless gags about women and protruding body parts and the mandatory fat guy in a wheelchair.”


Saibal Chatterjee of was mild in his criticism, “It is with much trepidation that one approaches Bollywood comic romps these days. They tend to hinge more on heavy-handed buffoonery than on genuine hilarity. Main Tera Hero has both strains of comedy, the crass and the truly funny, but in the end it is the latter that dominates. The sheer absurdity of the screwball plot does not weigh unduly heavy on the film because the likeable oddballs that populate it quickly get on top of things. Of course, amid the frantic pace of Main Tera Hero, the one-film-old and understandably over-enthusiastic Varun Dhawan is frequently in danger of tripping over the line. Obviously keen to graduate from student to superstar, the lead actor dances, fights and romances his way through the film with great gusto. He manages to retain his balance. No mean feat that.”


Paloma Sharma of found it paisa vasool. “Main Tera Hero rests almost solely on the bases of strong performances extracted by a tough taskmaster, director David Dhawan — who makes a surprisingly clean film for the most part but doesn’t seem to have been able to resist the temptation to indulge in a few less-than-tasteful jokes post-interval.


The second half is primarily where the problem lies. The script dwindles slightly. Too many characters with too many subplots emerge, messing things up for a bit. Nevertheless, Main Tera Hero keeps you on your feet and Milap Zaveri’s crisp dialogues never fail to extract a chuckle. Artfully edited and kept at just the right length of 128 minutes, it never gives you a chance to yawn.


Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN ranted: “David Dhawan’s comedies, the best of them, have been cheerfully low-IQ enterprises, constructed around predictable plot lines involving lookalike protagonists, mistaken identities, cheating husbands, and triangular love stories. When Dhawan was at the top of his game, one or any of these standard ideas would have been enough for him to bang out a film filled with non-stop laughs.But Main Tera Hero, starring the filmmaker’s son Varun, is a series of forced contrivances. The humor feels labored and manufactured, never arising spontaneously from the situations.”


Surprisingly The Hollywood Reporter carried a review. Lisa Tresing wrote, “With a few choice hip thrusts, a wink and a knack for snappy repartee, the impish Dhawan is clearly being groomed as a comic hero in the Govinda mold – not a bad thing, though he’s missing that former superstar’s naughty spark. Dhawan’s got passable dance moves, too, though he’ll never capture Govinda’s unique blend of doughy vulnerability and sparkling charisma, or the older star’s gift for making dance moves look like he just dreamed them up.”


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