ThoughtBuzz study depicts what women love the most

07 Mar,2014

By a correspondent


ThoughtBuzz, the social media analytics arm of TOTHENEW, recently conducted a survey that provides insights into aspirations that women look up to and what they love to do. The survey highlights shopping, relationships, wellness and parenting as the four categories that women discuss on social media and how most of them find happiness discussing these.


The prominent trend spotted is that about 48 per cent of women love shopping with most of them discussing updates, experience, love, hatred etc. Further, 54 per cent of women love talking about apparels with about 56 per cent of them talking highly of the brands that they prefer to shop with.


The report also notes that 61 per cent women prefer online shopping than traditional over the counter shopping. Further about 21 per cent women associate shopping with Sale and Discounts while 43 per cent Women’s key sentiment was “Happy” about shopping rest was either neutral or negative.


The report further goes on to add that about 33 per cent women talk about relationships or marriage where a majority of them talk about dating while others discuss about expectations from boyfriends or partners. Further, the study notes that 56 per cent women want trust and honesty from their partners, 11 per cent want romance while 11 per cent want just friendship.


What is also noteworthy is that just 14 per cent women talk about health & fitness with a majority of them discussing tips and facts while others talk about gym and exercise options.


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