Shailesh Kapoor: Adult Television: A Matter of Time?

24 Mar,2014

Shailesh Kapoor’s ‘TV Trail’ column appears every Friday. Since he was travelling, the column due to feature last Friday (March 21) appears today. The next ‘TV Trail’ column will appear on Friday, March 28 – Ed


By Shailesh Kapoor


This week, Sunny Leone starrer Ragini MMS 2 opened to thundering audience response, especially in smaller towns across the country. Mastram, an adult-themed film based on the cult porn publication till about two decades ago, is set to release on May 1. Last year, an under-promoted BA Pass managed to find its audience and even critical appreciation. Sex is thriving in our cinema. Sunny Leone is a bigger star than the likesof Shahid Kapoor and John Abraham.


But even as the censor board gets liberal with cinema, allowing fairly explicit content, albeit with an A-certificate, our television struggles. Star World chose to telecast the Koffee With Karan episode featuring Nargis Fakhri and Frieda Pinto at 11pm instead of the usual 9pm, because of explicit (verbal only) sexual references.


About a decade ago, Zoom had launched Dangerous, a sex chat show at 11pm (again!), anchored by Kamal Sidhu and Sameer Kochhar. I was working with the channel at that time. Legal notices and complaint letters used to come in by the dozen. And then one day, we had to pull the content off air.


In today’s age of the internet, where kids have access to the most explicit porn at the click on a button, adult content is a part of our lives. What could be so unnerving, then, about an adult channel, that stays away from any explicit nudity but covers erotica and sex awareness in equal measure, finding an audience that is currently seeking adult content elsewhere?


The cinema argument is that when an audience goes to watch a film like Ragini MMS 2, they have made a choice by buying a ticket, while on television, you may just end up watching a channel involuntarily. But in today’s day of a la carte packaging, that argument does not hold true. An adult channel can be offered a la carte in the digital environment and cautious parents can exercise control features available with most digital service providers.


But what are the chances that such a channel will happen soon? Bleak, on the face of it. For one, we are a country of protestors and it is easy for moral police to play spoilsport. More importantly, I can’t imagine a government challenging the status quo and belling the cat. It will take a really progressive Government to do that. And a party that supports Article 377 isn’t going to provide that.


So, the idea may remain an idea for a while. But in an age when technology is challenging norms by the day, it’s only a matter of time. If not on the telly, then on the internet, we are sure to see India’s first 24-hour adult channel see the light of the day in the next few years. My bet is: Before 2020.



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