Respite for Kantar (and TAM) as Delhi High Court hearing adjourned till July 11

06 Mar,2014

By A Correspondent


It’s an election gift from the government to the section of the broadcasting and media fraternity which didn’t want a ratings black-out.


So after all the back-and-forth to the Courts, the much awaited verdict that we were awaiting today didn’t happen, because, yes, you heard it right, the government’s counsel wasn’t available for hearing.


Now, the ball will be in the new government’s court as the hearing has been adjourned to July 11, 2014.This part of the news (and not the interpretation before) was confirmed to MxMIndia by Kantar Media’s advocate, Diya Kapur on the phone from New Delhi.


This is of course some respite for all parties. For channels – especially those banking big on reality shows because there will be ratings around, for newer channels because they can prove to the world what they are worth, for special events like the IPL because they will need the support on viewership.


For TAM of course because they’ve got a fresh lease of life and for BARC too, as in the absence of ratings dark period, they can do their work at their normal pace.


The Delhi High Court has adjourned the hearing in the Kantar case till 11 July as the government’s counsel is not available for hearing. Kantar counsel Diya Kapur and News Broadcasters Association (NBA) counsel Anup Bhambhani confirmed the news to The adjournment means that the stay on the clauses related to cross-media holding in the Television Rating Agency Guidelines will continue till final orders. The HC bench comprising Justice Manmohan had on 12 February stayed four clauses in the ‘Policy Guidelines for Television Rating Agencies in India’ pertaining to cross-media ownership thereby preventing a rating blackout. Additionally, the bench had given more time to Kantar to comply with the remaining provisions of the guidelines. It asked Kantar to register itself within two weeks under the new policy guidelines. The bench also directed Kantar to upload a list of affiliated advertising companies on its website along with the list of its major clients.


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