Nestle urges consumers to ‘share your goodness’

20 Mar,2014

By a correspondent


Nestlé India has unveiled a couple of emotional campaigns with an aim to connect with the consumers with a simple message – ‘Share your goodness’.


According to a statement issued by the company, the campaign originates from the belief that each one of us has an element of goodness and it comes from the values, beliefs, strengths, ideas, understanding, and capabilities that we have learnt through others. All of us are capable of sharing this goodness. When we share these with others around us, we make their lives richer and our world more harmonious. As the leader in Nutrition, Health, and Wellness, Nestlé understands that food is often the most effective way to share our goodness.


In our culture in India, consuming food goes beyond the pleasure of consumption and nutrition, and is a natural opportunity to share our lives and build healthy relationships with our family and the community. We have all grown up in family environments. We have sat together over meals, shared stories and our experiences, learnt of joy and pain, developed our values and created our dreams. Our lives became richer in those moments of preparing, serving and eating together, and experiencing the Goodness that everyone shared.  Today unfortunately, we are so involved with the routine and stress in our lives that we are forgetting this simple act of sharing our goodness. If we want our world to be harmonious and healthy, and become better, then we need to keep the cycle of goodness moving by continuously sharing our Goodness. Nestlé’s promise is ‘Good Food, Good Life’ and since it also reflects our own traditions and culture in India, our effort is to make everyone refocus on the cycle of goodness.


In this campaign, Nestlé seeks to motivate people to look into their own experiences, share their goodness, recognize the goodness of others, engage with each other, and create conversations that bring alive the values and emotions that spread warmth. In its first phase the campaign has been launched on the digital media with two films that touch upon instinctive human emotions and values, and is also visible on television.


The first film is a story of two siblings and their insecurities, and how they bond with each other while the second film is about the Dabba-walas of Mumbai and how Nestlé India showed its appreciation for these precious people who have delivered hot home-made food to Mumbaikars every-day, and thanked them for their values of dedication, punctuality and commitment. Each of the 5000 Dabbawalas was given a ‘Goodness Box’ filled with our products.


The campaign will be rolled out across media platforms in a sustained manner and will encourage people to share their goodness with others and recognize the goodness that they see. Nestlé India has also activated #ShareYourGoodness on Twitter to help enable conversations and sharing of ideas, experiences and personal stories.


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