IAMAI pledges support to EC directives for election

20 Mar,2014

By a correspondent


Following a meeting with representatives from social networking websites in November 2013, the Election Commission has sent a communication to concerned players to enact the Code of Conduct during elections.


The internet industry and IAMAI has been very appreciative of the EC’s efforts to broaden Indian democracy and conducting efficient free and fair elections through innovative use of internet and IAMAI would continue to support the EC it its endeavor.


Some of the guidelines that have been issues by EC to political parties include

– No political advertisement shall be accepted and displayed on the internet and internet based media without pre-certification.

– Internet sites shall inform the Commission regarding the expenditure incurred by political parties / candidates on political advertisements, when requested for.

– Internet based media will do active scrutiny to ensure that content displayed by them during the electoral process is not unlawful or malicious or violative of the Model Code of Conduct.

– In case of any unlawful content coming to the notice of the election machinery and brought to the attention of internet based media, the same would be removed forthwith.


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