‘Come on, bulaava aaya hai’, says MAX

19 Mar,2014

By a correspondent


MAX & SIX, the official broadcasters of the Indian Premier League have announced their mega marketing campaign for the Pepsi IPL 2014 titled ‘Come On, Bulaava Aaya Hai’. The campaign is inspired from the fact that Pepsi IPL is the biggest cricketing extravaganza in the world.


The campaign kicks off with a series of four films set in diverse situations of different people’s life reaching a crescendo with three films and culminating into a final bulaava film. Be it a runaway bride drawn to the call of the IPL bugle, a son by the side of his ill mother or a priest struggling to free a woman possessed with a spirit, all films have the essence of the key nuance of IPL  ‘Bulaava’  prompting people to literally drop everything to watch Pepsi IPL.


The entire campaign is the brainchild of the creative agency Havas Worldwide and has been directed and filmed by noted ad film director Rajesh Saathi of Keroscene Films.


Neeraj Vyas, EVP and Business Head, MAX expressed, “In India, nothing supersedes the passion for cricket and during the IPL, that passion rises to an all-time crescendo. That is where we draw our latest campaign ‘Come On, Bulaava Aaya Hai’  emphasizing that irrespective of anything that takes place in your life, the calling for the IPL will always reign supreme. This enthralling campaign coupled with world class talent on display is sure to entertain our viewers through this edition of IPL.”


Vivek Rao, Executive Creative Director, Havas Worldwide said, “The campaign idea of ‘Come on, Bulaava Aaya Hai’ is played on a simple truth – no other property provides more action, more entertainment or more opportunity whether you’re a viewer or a player. So no matter what calling you have, it’s the call of the IPL that’s more irresistible. After last year’s campaign, we needed something that would entertain as well as move the IPL brand forward. This seemed instinctively right.”


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