Amith Prabhu: 10 years as a PR practitioner

03 Mar,2014

By Amith Prabhu


This column is more personal than the others. As the weekend went by I completed 10 years as a Public Relations practitioner. While it feels just like the other day when I started my career a lot of water has flown over the past decade.


I feel proud and fortunate to have been part of the first batch of management trainees hired from campus by one of India’s leading PR firms to infuse young and smart blood into the profession. Ten years back, getting amateur PR professionals to sign a three-year bond was unheard of. Except in the IT sector where poaching was rampant, no other industry had bonds for fresh graduates.


Genesis Public Relations (now Genesis Burson Marsteller) took the bold step and managed to convince over a dozen young men and women to sign up. The intensive three-month training divided into three parts of 6, 4 and 2 weeks each helped create a new breed of true blue PR professionals for the fraternity. In between each training session, we were put on the shop floor, working on the firm’s key client relationships and building practice expertise.


I’m not sure if other firms have such a rigorous early intervention programme to bring freshers on board and set them up for success. I wish the PRCAI takes up this cause in the interest of the profession’s larger good and makes its members mandatorily bring in at least two graduates who are trained rigorously by the organisation that hires them. This will go a long way in offering the communications fraternity in India a great set of people who set themselves apart.


Ten years ago, I never thought I would be able to get myself a PR job in one of the pioneering firms of the profession. Ten years ago, I never thought I would get 10 likeminded professionals together to give India its first weekend summit for the community. Ten years, ago I never thought I would be writing India’s only weekly column for the profession.


I owe it in good measure to the Associate Learning Programme at Genesis. May other PR firms in India and abroad create similar offerings. May our tribe increase and make a positive difference to the discourse.


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4 responses to “Amith Prabhu: 10 years as a PR practitioner”

  1. Pr!anca says:

    congratulations..GBM is still offering 1 year mandatory training I guess. No doubt makes it the best agency at least in India.

    • Amith Prabhu says:

      it is not a one year mandatory training – it is a three year commitment by individuals to the firm, inter-spread with ongoing training most of it that happens in the first year which is intensive and worth it.

  2. Prema Sagar says:

    Thank you for your thoughts Amith……10 years ago a dream came true and 10 years hence approx 140 stars emerged to change the world.

    • Amith Prabhu says:

      Thanks Prema. Now you have to ensure your autobiography is out by this year end. Sounds random. But I mean it.