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12 Feb,2014


By Rishi Vora


In a bid to increase its share in the highly competitive mobile handset category, Nokia’s marketing strategy puts digital in the centre of all its initiatives. A mix of social, search and mobile.


Even though Nokia officials are tightlipped on the value of marketing spends, they do acknowledge a rise in digital spends in the past one or two years  where the endeavour is to create as many touchpoints for the brand and increase awareness across the company’s product range. The year 2014 will see a lot more action in the social and the mobile space.


Chief Marketing Officer Viral Oza tells MxMIndia of the lastest digital campaigns, focus areas for digital in 2014 and more. Excerpts:


It’s evident that digital is at the core of Nokia’s marketing strategy? What is the overall digital strategy that Nokia has in place for the Indian market

At Nokia, digital marketing is an inherent part of Nokia’s marketing strategy and has been very successful with our core audience. We extensively use our portals and online initiatives to drive maximum consumer outreach for product and ongoing customer communication, customer service and customer engagement.


Our digital strategy provides a window to engage proactively with customers; understand behavioural patterns; assess consumer needs and preferences and drive consumer awareness and loyalty for the brand.


As a company, we have been very successful in terms of engaging our core audience in the digital space. The fact that Nokia is the third largest Facebook community in India and the only mobile handset brand with around 10 million fans is a testimony to the fact that we understand what the youth wants today. sees 12 million unique users a month; and our average monthly online reach is 70 million Indians. On Twitter, we have about 0.15 million followers; Nokia Google Plus has 0.525 million followers and Nokia YouTube has crossed 28.5 million views.


Have we seen a significant growth in spends for digital in the past one or two years?

As a policy, we cannot comment on spends. However, would like to highlight that we have been making steady investments in digital marketing and will continue to do so.


If there is growth in the share of digital marketing for Nokia, where is the growth coming from? Is it primarily taking away from TV or Press?

Digital marketing is a key pillar for Nokia’s strategy. Youth these days spend a lot of time on digital media. Having said that, we focus on digital along with other media including TV and Press or Mobile.


How was the year 2013 from the POV of marketing initiatives taken keeping digital media in mind? Can you elaborate on a few digital campaigns that generated the requisite buzz for Nokia (in 2013)?

One of the key marketing initiatives in the year 2013 was Nokia’s association with Social Media Week 2013 to connect with its core audience. Social media forums have become a parallel source of information about consumer preferences and consumer outreach along with the conventional statistical and marketing tools. It empowers customers with more options and more information to help them make informed decision. Nokia’s social media strategy has allowed us to drive two-way interactive communication with both existing customers and prospects and take consumer engagement to the next level.


Key activities Nokia had undertaken as part of Social Media Week 2013 are as under:

Be our Social Media Week Reporter: As SMW kicked-off around the globe, Nokia had taken people from four different countries including India, UK, USA and Germany; and has swapped their locations with one another. These participants recorded and broadcasted their adventure armed with the ultimate mobile reporting device: the new Nokia Lumia 1020


Nokia PUCK: We  hosted the first Twitter-based Air Hockey Game called ‘Nokia PUCK.’ Nokia community anywhere could join in the fun and compete with other attendees and supporters across the globe.


Is 2014 going to see a renewed thrust on digital? If yes, what would be the focus areas?

As more and more consumers are spending a lot of time on digital media, digital would remain an important space to stay connected with our consumers. We will continue to engage with our consumers through this media to understand their needs better and will bring in various campaigns to provide amazing experiences to our consumers through digital media.


We will look at coming up with fresh engagement ideas in the social space in order to engage with our huge fan-base on Facebook. As for engagement on the mobile phones, we will look to launch interesting and relevant apps and promote them heavily in the social space.


What are the ongoing and upcoming digital campaigns and the response you are expecting from these campaigns?

Recently Nokia announced the second season of its unique Campaign – Nokia Lumia: Your Wish Is My App (YWIMA). The YWIMA initiative delivers on Nokia’s strategy to focus on creating consumer-centric applications that deliver true value to the consumer. What made this campaign a huge success was the format of the show. Imagine, you wish for an app and it actually has a chance to be converted into a real app. It doesn’t matter who you are: a chef, a student, a free-lancer or a model. You can be anyone to participate in the campaign, all you need is that killer app idea that has the potential to be developed into a successful app on Windows Phone Store a Real App.


Being a consumer centric campaign, Nokia Lumia – Your Wish is My App (first season) received outstanding response from consumers in terms of the app ideas. We have received over 38,000 app suggestions clearly highlighting consumer’s enthusiasm for such initiatives.


There is a great demand for video on platforms such as YouTube. Is Nokia looking to use this channel/opportunity going forward?

Video on Mobile is growing at a tremendous rate.  With increase in screen sizes and quality of display more than 40 per cent, consumers are already watching movies on their smart phones on the go; and an equal number are streaming videos online. In fact, according to Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights – Entertainment and online videos are growing in India at a year-on-year rate of 27 per cent. We see this trend to continue this year as well.


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