MRUC issues statement. Decision on IRS by RSCI on Feb 19

04 Feb,2014

By A  Correspondent


We have received the following statement from the MRUC director-general Shaswati Saradar:


:: IRS 2013 was released on January 28, 2014.


:: In the week since then, there has been considerable comment and discussion in the media about the quality of the study. Yesterday, the Indian Newspaper Society sought a meeting with the MRUC to discuss the situation and the way forward. Following on from this meeting, the MRUC Chairman convened an emergency meeting of the Board of Governors to crystallise the Council’s point of view. This meeting held earlier today has taken the following decisions:


:: The Council asserts that the design, methodology and in-field execution of the study was benchmarked to and conducted at the very highest standards. The massive integration of technology, from DS-CAPI, through automated collation and tabulation, to a brand new UI (user interface) with a comprehensive suite of on-board analytics played a crucial role in this exercise. The Council intended to deliver a study that could legitimately carry the ‘Gold Standard’ appellation. It is satisfied that the study has moved many steps forward in that direction.


:: The Council is conscious that it is now only one of the two constituents of the Readership Studies Council of India. With the RSCI now being in charge of governance of the study, the MRUC is no longer at liberty to make a unilateral determination of the way forward, particularly in a situation as contentious as it appears today.


:: The Council looks forward keenly to the RSCI meeting called by the RSCI Chairman on February 19, 2014. All aspects of the study will be placed before the RSCI for helping the broader community of stakeholders convince themselves about the study’s robustness and integrity.


:: A brief presentation is appended. This will elucidate many of the aspects referred above. (presentation embedded in this story)


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