Jaldi 5 with Sam Balsara: Industry’s cautious approach could be replaced by buoyant

20 Feb,2014

Like is the norm every year, Sam Balsara, CMD, Madison World took on the mantle of showcasing to the industry how the trade fared in the year gone by and what is expected out of it in the oncoming year. Johnson Napier chatted up with the media veteran on the sidelines of the Pitch-Madison report presentation and got him to spell out the mantras and growth trends expected in 2014. Excerpts:


Is the media growth outlook a much positive one from what was initially expected from the year 2013?

The year 2013 has been more than good for the media industry in India with growth estimates at 11.1 per cent. That was much more than what was initially projected where the number was 7.4 per cent. So, yes, it has been good and I believe that the ‘cautious’ approach the industry was taking could be replaced by ‘buoyant’ where the growth projections for 2014 are concerned.


Medium-wise, did you expect any surprises where market share was concerned or was it the same as last year?

It was more or less what was predicted where Print continued to occupy the top slot followed by TV and Digital. In fact most of them have managed to post marginally higher rates than what was originally estimated from last year. So it’s a good sign. Moreover, I believe even 2014 will manage to throw up a few surprises if we go by the current trend.


Apart from elections that you said will occupy a bulk of the adspends share, any other factors that you think will propel growth for the industry?

In fact elections will be the single biggest thing to take place in 2014. What is heartening is that 50 per cent growth is expected to come from the elections coffers across political parties. Rs 5000 crore is quite a huge number, which is what we are estimating the revenues from elections to be.


Which are the mediums that will largely drive the growth for the industry in 2014?

All mediums would contribute in a significant manner with Print and TV continuing to be big, but Digital is something that will post good revenues again next year.


Do you foresee any challenges for the industry in 2014?

Challenges will always be there but we have to constantly strive to deliver good ROI to the advertiser and also pray and hope that advertising works. After all, an advertiser spends money so that he can increase his sales and if that does not happen then the entire foundation of advertising gets shattered. Agencies like us have to continuously be on the wall to discover newer ways of assuring the advertiser of adequate returns.


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