It’s mid-Feb and no Goafest/Abby dates yet!

10 Feb,2014

By A Correspondent


Arvind Sharma

It’s the second week of February and no date has been announced for the 2014 edition Goafest , pointing to issues that the committee is facing on the dates. When MxMIndia called AAAI President Arvind Sharma late last month, he said he would announce them last week.


When MxMIndia asked an officebearer about the date, he replied in the same vein: The dates will be announced soon.


The reason for the delay is that the organizers want to avoid a clash with the general elections. But that an agency told us is not tenable as a reason because this is not the first time the elections have clashed with Goafest. “Do it in the last week of March or first week of April, and there will be no clash,” he said. “The question is do we have enough quality participants at the Creative Abby. And do we have enough sponsors coming in for the festival and the Industry Conclave.”


What MxMIndia  has been told is that despite the absence of some of the top agencies, the event will be held.  One of the dates mooted is April 28, but that too could clash with the polls, is the worry.


As has been reported, the London-based international not-for-profit D&AD has announced its intent to bring its awards with Kyoorius, a not-for-profit body which would conduct an annual design fest in Goa. TheKyoorius Awards are scheduled to be held around June 2014 in Mumbai, and the entries will be accepted with effect from March 20.


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