#beyondbiz: It’s ‘mind over matter’ for Raj Nayak as he devours ‘khatras’ in real life

07 Feb,2014

By Sandeep Puraname


At the unveiling of the new season of ‘Khatron ke Khiladi’ last Friday (Jan 31), Colors CEO Raj Nayak took the assembled media and the show’s participants by surprise when he lit a cotton ball and ate it up. His colleagues and friends of course know that he’s a pro at it, but he laughs it off as just a way of conquering fear with “mind over matter”. Do check the video, but remember, do not try this without trained supervision or Raj Nayak around. A quick Q&A with the ‘khatron ka khiladi’ in the first of our new weekend series: #beyondbiz


It’s alright to do it as part of an HR programme, but isn’t there a fear of the trick not working and burning the insides of your mouth?

Really? Ha ha What I did was child’s play. It’s just mind over matter. Life is about taking risks. It is about having fun . It’s about conquering fear. As the saying goes “If you are not living on the edge , you are occupying too much space”.


So tell us, what are the other ‘khatarnak’ acts that you can do?

 As a child I used to play the game ‘dare’ I love challenges, it all about doing things that allows you to conquer your fear. When you conquer your fear you feel liberated.


You are also a certified trainer on walking on glass or burning coal, right?

Yes that’s right, I did it as a hobby from the Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education, California. And I have practised my skills with the entire staff of Colors. I have taken their Agni Pariksha, they have all walked on fire, walked on glass, bent iron rods with their neck, broken pencils with their finger, eaten fire etc etc.. with 99% success.


Would you do a show like ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’?

 Would love to do it.. Someday when I move out of corporate life perhaps, if I am still upto it. Ha ha, On a serious note, heading a GEC channel is no less challenging..


What’s easier to handle: ‘khatras’ like these or those in real life?

Both are difficult to handle. It’s all about having the conviction and the courage. It is about mind over matter. It is about going with your gut and taking the risk and believing in yourself that you can do it. It’s the power of positive thinking.


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