Amith Prabhu: Time to stand up for upright journalism

17 Feb,2014

By Amith Prabhu


Recent events at reputed publication houses wherein editors and management have had skirmishes leading to unpleasant separations have not gone down well with the fraternity in the media. But the might of the media owners being what it is, very few discussions have taken place on the topic. Most importantly it has set a wrong precedent about freedom of the press and shows how business and politics control journalism.


Journalists are an important stakeholder for most PR professionals. While there are several instances of hostile equations, the two professions thrive on interplay in more ways than one. PR professionals are involved with multiple client events of varying kinds and have the potential to organize an event that brings journalists together under one forum to debate, discuss and deepen their understanding of issues they face as a complex future unfolds.


While active Press Clubs exist in couple of the metros a new breed of young professionals is emerging from some of the leading media schools who are embracing the digital age. In addition to group thinking and collaborative guidance, the young journalists need a platform to voice their concerns as a community of professionals. A handful of international journalists of Indian origin are making it big in leading global publications and their ideas at such a forum can be inspiring.


More importantly. journalists do not have an offsite that they can call their own and a group of like-minded professionals who support their rights because they indeed are the fourth estate in a democracy. While PR professionals have found a space to call their own, the journalist fraternity needs theirs. There is no better time than now to stand up for upright journalism and no better way than through an annual conference.


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