AdStrat: Idea Internet: No more foolin’ around

25 Feb,2014

Arun Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas, India


Name of the campaign: ‘Idea Internet lagoing, India ko no ullu banoing’


The brief: With a focus to grow from a mobile broadband business and position itself as a strong data network services, Idea wants to demystify data services to the larger Indian population by giving its own unique cut of “a telephony idea that can change your life”.


The challenge: With Airtel & Vodafone already well entrenched into their data journey, Idea had the challenge to find a unique take on mobile internet, that helps the users to own an appropriate mobile internet.


The approach: The way it was to be done is to dip into an interesting cultural truth that consumers across the country can identify with, and resolve it using Idea’s data services.


A common phenomenon in almost every part of India, is how some people to make money or gain benefits, tend to take advantage of the ill-informed by coloring the truth or concealing the facts. One can see it everywhere; from some autos to taxis taking a longer route if you are new in a city, to big scams like selling off disputed land to a third party. This manner of making a fool of someone is colloquially called “ullu banana”. So what can Idea resolve here?


The team felt if information is the key to this problem, then Idea can resolve it by offering information on fingertips through its data services. Idea can offer instant access to information through the internet or other services such that Indians are no longer ill-informed and can be saved from these big and small con artists.


The creative idea: ‘With Idea internet in hand, no one will get conned’ when rendered in a creative way led to ‘Idea Internet lagoing, India ko no ullu banoing’


The execution: The approach to communicate this message was through an informative yet funny film that showcases occasions where people usually misuse information to their advantage. But, their lie is exposed with the instant access to information on phone through Idea’s data services. Example: A guide lying to tourists who then search on the web and the truth is exposed; to a man dropping names to escape a cop but is caught etc. All the while the dominant message being – now with Idea’s data services nobody can fool anyone in India.



Creative: Arun Iyer, Ashwin Varkey, Jaywant Dhabholkar, Carlos Pereira, Subodh Menon, Sanjay Ramanathan, Sebastian Gonsalves, Vivek Buchude, Rohan Wakkar and Prasanna Bhave


Account Management: Raj Gupta, Satish Ramanathan, Sachin Pandirkar, Muralikrishnan, Sneha Saha


Planning: S Subramanyeswar


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