Vijay Karnataka asks people to “stop adjusting”

14 Jan,2014

By A Correspondent


In keeping with the current wave against corruption, leading Kannada daily Vijay Karnataka has unveiled a multiple media media ‘Stop Adjusting’ campaign.


Notes a communique: “‘Solpa Adjust Maadi’ has long stood for this state’s ability to persist in spite of questionable governance, rampant corruption, poor infrastructure and lopsided development plans. Unfortunately it represents a spirit of apathy and forced ignorance. An ability to avoid problems by simply skirting them. An attitude that searches for ways to make do instead of solving.”


Conceptualised by Bengaluru-based agency, People Design and Communications led by Rajeev Ravindranathan and V Balaji, the campaign tries to turn that attitude on its head by exposing it. “‘Solpa Adjust Maadi’ isn’t a motto, it’s an excuse. And by highlighting it as a symptom for the problems that citizens face on a daily basis, Vijay Karnataka hopes to touch upon a raw nerve and connect emotionally with its broader TG’ says Rajeev Ravindranathan who heads creative.


Said V Balaji who heads strategy: This campaign is about reflecting the attitude of the youth who have a questioning attitude and don’t buy into the platitudes of the old. We can see it happening around us especially with social media. Vijay Karnataka is here to provide a platform for these youth to speak up or do anything but not adjust”


According to Saraswathi Anand, Head – Brand, Vijay Karanataka has “consciously strengthened its focus primarily on the youth over the past few years in a bid to understand their goals, needs and aspirations better, reflect their views, and appeal to their sensibilities”. The campaign, Anand said, will be an ongoing exercise from Vijay Karnataka.


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