Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2014

03 Jan,2014

Year 2014 at a glance

The initial part of the year ahead does not appear to be very auspicious for you on some vital fronts because of Saturn and North Node’s conjunction in the 12th House from your Sign. Your health, particularly, is likely to cause some very anxious moments. Other negative things portended include litigation and financial losses. So Ganesha advises you to be very careful on these fronts. From the second quarter, though, the stars shall start shining down on you favourably. Your self-esteem is likely to increase as you will focus on improving your health and expanding your knowledge base. You shall also realise the importance of money and shall begin to start saving instead of blowing up your hard-earned money.


Sagittarius Business 2014

A good year is in store for businessmen. Though you are likely to face financial problems, Ganesha assures you that your business shall go from strength to strength. Both solo and partnership businesses are likely to do well. Your ambitiousness shall drive you do work very hard. Life shall be very hectic and demanding. You shall have to remain very alert, but since your business sense is very sharp, you will cope up very well. Short-term partnerships for specific goals are likely. You need to keep an eye on finances, don’t spend money like water. Invest the surplus funds in your business, you’ll get more mileage from it. You may be hiring new staff, but do their background checks thoroughly.


Sagittarius Career 2014

You are likely to face tough challenges in your professional life, foresees Ganesha. Stress stemming from work pressure is only going to increase through the course of the year, but so shall your focus, and all in all you will be able to cope up with the rising pressure admirably. Your efficiency and bright ideas shall get due recognition from both peers and superiors, and you will get enough opportunities to showcase your creativity. Though your hard work may begin to fetch rewards, don’t take things for granted. You will have to work even harder in this cut-throat competitive marketplace, and if you don’t, the consequences could be grave. Ganesha advises you to be careful of people trying to undermining your efforts, and try to maintain cordial  terms with your superiors.


Sagittarius Finance 2014

Ganesha foresees that finances may pose a problem this year, because of Saturn’s transit through the 12th House from your Sign. This transit indicates that your expenses are going to hit a high. Besides, your income is not likely to increase, making these matters more difficult for you to handle. Control your spend-thrift ways, otherwise you may find yourself in hot water. You will realise the importance of setting something aside for the rainy day and may repent some of the expensive things you may have bought recently. If you have joint accounts, the balance in it may increase in the first half of the year, and even more in the latter half.


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