One Min View: Can the industry afford two creative advertising awards?

29 Jan,2014

We were sure this would happen. The Abby awards have lost much glitter over the years and created room for a D&AD-like player to come in with the Kyoorius Awards.


But if the film industry can have 10-odd awards, what prevents over a dozen being offered for advertising. Well, for the film awards, there’s no entry fee, and the organizers make their money from sponsors given it’s a televised show. Not so for the ad awards.


Yes, internationally we have the D&AD, Cannes, Clio, One Show etc etc, but can we really afford to have more than one awards show? Or, rather, can agencies afford to send entries to more than one national awards event apart from some of the international awards that need to be participated in?


It’s unfortunate that the ecosystem has led the Abby degenerate to this level. Degenerate may be a harsh word, but surely the Creative Abby even as it is the Oscars of the creative advertising community has lost much sheen.


If we thought things couldn’t get worse after Ogilvy not participating last year, the controversy around scam ads and plagiarism was shameful.


What D&AD brings to the table is a rigour in the judging process which Kyoorius pledges to honour and maintain. Last year, D&AD’s often brutal processes were much appreciated at the Kyoorius Design Awards, and one hopes to see an encore of that for the Creative Advertising Awards. Even Kyoorius’s founder-CEO Rajesh Kejriwal wasn’t allowed to enter the meeting room on the first two days of judging.


Contrast this with the Creative Abby where the processes have been cleansed much, but there’s a definitely loss of faith. And face.


It’s ironic that the Ad Club is managed by some of the brightest brains in the business. The top creative bosses are also a very reasonable lot. What needs to be done is for them to sit together and hammer out a solution. Soon. Meanwhile, for now, let’s welcome the D&AD-Kyoorius folks. And let’s hope both can co-exist.


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