Leo Annual Forecast 2014

03 Jan,2014

Year 2014 at a glance

This could well be a year of change for you, at least on the personal side, foresees Ganesha. The domestic discipline shall be made stricter by the elders in the family. They may expect children and even the adults to follow a strict routine in matters of eating, sleeping, spending and even watching TV. You may not like such restrictions but Ganesha says that over the long-term you shall realise how such discipline can tremendously benefit you in life. This is expected to be a very eventful year for you. If you have been dreaming for a long time about going on a foreign tour, Ganesha assures you that it shall materialise this year. Another very positive event expected this year is that you shall come in for a financial windfall, but then you could end up spending it all on the foreign tour. This year is not too favourable for buying a new house, but you may go in for a second-hand one.


Leo Business 2014

Ganesha predicts that the first half of the year may not be so good for your business, but the second half shall be very favourable. You are therefore advised not to take any concrete business decisions before July. Just thoroughly do your groundwork in the first half of 2014 and leave the execution part for the period post-July. Moreover, before July you shall have to very carefully try to anticipate negative developments and stay clear of them. It may not always be possible, but if you stay alert to the danger, you can avoid many of them. After July, of course, you can shift into top gear; launch your products, aggressively promote them and increase production. However, it would be better to stay grounded, don’t be impractical in setting your goals, as being over-ambitious can  prove to be counter-productive. You may have to spend a lot on upgrading the technology on which your business functions. If you wish to change your office premises, the period between August and December is auspicious. Don’t let the uncertainties on the business front affect your plans and projects, though.


Leo Career 2014

You are likely to be tempted to change jobs this year, but Ganesha advises you not to succumb to the temptation before August, because your planetary configurations are not in its favour. But after August if you get another job offer, you may go for it promptly provided that the money is good and the work profile is suited to you. Also, make your own discreet inquiries to find out whether you shall be able to adjust to the work culture there. A good idea would be to start hunting for another job a couple of months before August, so that if you do get one, you shall have ample time to serve the mandatory notice period. However, you don’t necessarily have to change your job because there seems to be nothing wrong where you are currently working, and your equation with your colleagues is great, so hang on till something really good turns up.


Leo Finance 2014

Your financial prospects do not appear to be very promising during the first half of the year, so Ganesha advises you to completely avoid investments, especially of the risky variety. And, banish any thoughts of borrowing money to invest even if the shares hold out a lot of promise. The reason is that the stars are not in its favour as well as the fact that you do not have enough money to make any meaningful investments. However, in the latter part of the year, your financial situation shall improve dramatically. Money inflows shall increase, and you can then freely invest all the surplus but with expert guidance. Another good thing is that your past investments may be nearing maturity and shall fetch a good value in the second half of the year.


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