Knives out. dna questions new IRS numbers

29 Jan,2014

By A Correspondent


Okay, it would be incorrect to suggest that a streetfight is on. But in what is decidedly not a common sight post the release of readership data, news daily dna, has put on a front-page unsigned note headlined: dna questions new IRS numbers.


This is what the note says:

“The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2013 is out in the public domain. However, dna contests the data presented by Media Research Users Council (MRUC).


There’s a clear mismatch between the survey figures and our own database. dna has a robust subscription base and we have the names, contact numbers and addresses of most of our readers, who have opted for a paid subscription scheme. This also shows our loyal reader base, which is extremely stable.


We would, therefore, like to know the basis of IRS’ readings. There seems to be an honest error on the part of MRUC and we have written to the Director-General and the Chairman of the Technical Committee of MRUC for a clarification.


We trust the IRS would take corrective measures immediately”


A senior media researcher who spoke to MxMIndia on anonymity said it was indeed unusual for a newspaper to frontpage its peeve on the readership numbers. “The stakes are high in a market like Mumbai, so dna could ill-afford a negative outlook.” But is the paper right in feeling aggrieved, we asked. “Everyone is right in feeling so. While there will be shifts in previous numbers when a research methodology changes, such a significant change is inexplicable.”


Meanwhile, even though the fight hasn’t commenced, the knives are out for sure. And as we know from the past, the Zee group, of which dna is now an integral part, is known to put up a good fight.


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