Key newspapers likely to contest IRS numbers in Court

30 Jan,2014

By A Correspondent


Does it help having a stakeholder-led body supervise measurement exercises? Logically, it should, but often it could mean more problems.


Paritosh Joshi

Running the technical committee and the MRUC and RSCI is a thankless job, and as Paritosh Joshi, head of the MRUC and IRS techcom, told MxMIndia in an interview, “as a TechCom person, I have to do the best possible job of design and process management. The numbers are outcomes that distill the voice of respondents.”


The problem is that a large number of the key newspapers are unhappy with the new set of readership figures. While the response was muted at the Mumbai launch of the new IRS, the murmurs got louder when the report was unveiled in Delhi on Wednesday.


Sensing a negative outcome from the stockmarkets, a leading listed newspaper company even engaged investor analysts with data to point out what it consider as anomalies. As reported earlier, dna had also questioned the data by way of a front-page note.


MxMIndia learns that a few leading dailies are planning to collectively and individual contest the IRS in Court. They are currently seeking legal opinion on the same.


When alerted about this, a senior MRUC functionary told us that Court cases files by aggrieved members and newspaper groups after the publication of readership numbers is nothing new for the MRUC.


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