Aries Annual Forecast 2014

03 Jan,2014

Year 2014 at a glance

Welcome the New Year 2014 with a new hope, a new sunshine. Thanks to the ongoing planetary transits, you may find problems, which have been dragging along for a long time, reaching a successful conclusion this year. However, be prepared to tackle new issues that may pop up during the course of the year. The fast-paced events may make your life quite hectic. Changes may stress you out, and you may find yourself being unwilling and unrelenting on many occasions – something that may make the matters worse. The only soultion would be to remain prepared and prepped. Note that at the beginning of the year, the retrograde Jupiter will form a Square with your Sign. Saturn and North Node (Rahu) will be in the 8th Sign from your Sign, i.e. Scorpio. Venus will be retrograde. This suggests that the initial stages of the year may be very hectic, and moreover, if you try to do things in a rush, you may end up mixing everything up. Slow down deliberately, take a deep breath! And, now, it makes even more sense to ensure that you are all aware of the possible future challenges. All the best! Do stay in touch with your family all through the year, and take a good care of your well-being and happiness.


Aries Business 2014

As far as the partnership businesses are concerned, 2014 may Not be a great year. Some of your existing business partnerships may come to an end this year. However, for those of you who operate solo, the year portends favourable patterns. Do think twice before giving someone a stake in your business, though. If you, however, need the support of a big brand, or require external money, you may be left with no choice. You may also need to recruit more staff to improve efficiency and productivity. Plus, capital will have to be invested on installing new technology set-up. Sounds too much? Plan ahead, and if need be, consult an experienced Astrologer. As you go along the year, you will wholeheartedly make efforts to improve the working conditions at your establishment, says Ganesha. Although, not much of it may translate into increased business volumes – you won’t be deterred. Good going!


Aries Career 2014

Life on the work front shall be very hectic in the initial phase of the year 2014, says Ganesha. Multitasking will be the need of the hour. Try not to take on any other commitment, as you may not be able to fulfil any of it. The period from March to May 2014 may be turbulent for your career. The nagging feeling that you are not getting the recognition you deserve may keep tugging at you. As a result, you shall start looking for another job, and you may take a concrete decision on this aspect after April first week. Behold! The process of changing a job is long, tedious and yet devoid of guarantees. So, before you take this major step, save yourself the heartburn! Look, find, assess, assure yourself and then take any major step. During the latter part of the year, you may become very self-conscious, especially on the career front. The deep sense of injustice may now besiege you. Try and remain positive, as far as possible!


Aries Finance 2014

The stars bring a mixed bag in the financial realm for you. Ganesha advises you not to take any impulsive financial decisions. The period from July to December would be favourable, as your past investments are likely to yield good profits. However, you shall have to manage your expenses well – keeping all of it in tune with your income. You may also need financial help. When the future indicates confusions or challenges, it’s best to prepare ahead. So, do plan ahead, and remain prudent. Stars also suggest that you should avoid borrowing money, at least in the first quarter of 2014. Plus, in the second half of the year, there may arise some disputes related to joint accounts or joint properties – so beware. Issues related to inheritance may also crop up. You will have to handle such matters with a lot of care, because one wrong move – and you may hurt and alienate your near and dear ones. Take even more care, if your spouse is involved in these issues either directly or indirectly. Also, remember to not flaunt your abilities or possessions.


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