Aquarius Annual Forecast 2014

03 Jan,2014

Year 2014 at a glance

Ganesha predicts that this year you are likely to dig deep into your family history and try to find out more about your ancestors. Due to North Node’s transit through the 9th House of Luck from your Sign during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, you might just get the feeling that the stars are not in your favour. However, such is not the case. Ganesha advises you not to become gloomy, but to keep your outlook as positive as possible and believe that things are bound to get better. But, at the same time make sure you don’t repeat past mistakes. Both your personal and professional lives shall need attention, so you may end up doing the tight-rope act. On and off throughout the year you shall feel like taking a break to meditate in the quest to gain peace of mind. Apart from negligible disputes at home and office, Ganesha foresees nothing that can adversely affect your security and happiness.


Aquarius Business 2014

Your business shall be going on smoothly this year, and there shall be nothing much to be concerned about, foresees Ganesha. However, this year is not auspicious for expanding your business, so banish the thoughts if you have been entertaining any. However, by all means make the plans, draw up the blueprint, but leave the implementation to next year. In your ongoing projects, though, you shall work so hard that others may find it difficult to follow the standards set by you. If you find that some of your contacts are of no more use to you or have served their purpose, you may sever ties, but do it in a polite and politically correct way. If you wish to take loans, getting them shall depend on your reputation, while if you have given money to someone, you may try and recover them this year.


Aquarius Career 2014

If you keep working diligently this year, Ganesha assures that you shall experience success. Remember, as they say, genius is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration. In the first quarter of the year, there are chances that you be asked to relocate to a branch office of your company in another city or town, so be ready for it. Ganesha assures you that it shall be a blessing in disguise. There are bound to be times during the year when you may feel frustrated that your superiors are not recognising the your worth. Don’t lose heart! Ganesha advises you to continue to march on relentlessly as success is bound to come in its own time. With Jupiter’s entry in Leo, your public contacts are likely to increase and they may contribute a great deal in the progress of your career. However, a lot may depend on your personal Horoscope. This year, if you feel tempted to change jobs, think twice.


Aquarius Finance 2014

Ganesha advises you not to expect great things to happen on the financial front this year. Not all your projects or efforts will bring the moola flooding in. Be happy with what you get. In the first half of the year, you may incur some debts but in the latter half you shall earn enough to be able to clear them off. But if you borrow money, make sure you stick to the limits you think are within your power to repay, or you may land up in hot water. Make adequate provisions in your budget to take care of all the anticipated expenses. You may expect financial support from your spouse if he/she is working. A chance to make some money on the side may present itself, but if you feel the work involved is beyond your ken or you may not have enough time for it, don’t accept them.


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